QNA400 SeriesQNA-PT (consult availability)

QNA500 series

Power Quality analyzer (Class A or Class S)


Cod: QNA500


QNA500 is a modular power quality analyzer designed to measure and log the main electrical parameters and the transient disturbances. The measurement is taken as an RMS value by 5 AC voltage inputs and 4 AC current inputs. (through current transformers I5 A). It has 2 GB of memory


QNA500 is designed to supervise the electrical installation and the problems related to the electrical power quality, with the objective of controlling the productive processes and managing incidents.

Its easy integration into SCADA applications and its interaction with market PLC software lets it form part of more comprehensive data acquisition systems and report the information required by users at all times.

Its modularity and the addition of 8IO modules also let the user control energy consumption, the statuses of switches or loads, the sending of alarms and even the connection/disconnection of loads based on configurable conditions.

Along with the CIRCUTOR PowerVision+ software, the user can configure customized reports to evaluate the smooth operation of the electrical installation, and can apply standards like the EN-50160, CBEMA and UNIPEDE event tables, and others. By automating this information, the user can display the most important information with just one click, in order to carry out the corresponding analysis.


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