RECmaxMP Series

RECmaxCVM Series

Earth leakage circuit breaker with automatic reclosing and measurement


Cod: RECmaxCVM


Self-resettable cut-off device with ultra-immunised circuit breaker and earth leakage protection and built-in power analyzer. Programmable unit with display, which measures leakage currents (earth leakage protection) and orders the disconnection or reclosing of the circuit breaker (circuit breaker protection) using an engine that regulates it mechanically. The measurement of leakage currents, IΔ, requires an external earth leakage transformer of the WGC type, which comes in the kit. It also has a built-in power analyzer that enables monitoring of up to 19 electrical parameters using the display or the built-in communications, with voltage measurement built into the unit and current measurement through the use of an external MC1 (for 2 poles) or MC3 (for 4 poles) current transformer, which comes in the kit. This system is commonly used in single-phase and three-phase electrical installations that require a highly continuous electric supply. It has inputs/outputs that allow users to have information about and control of the status of the electrical installation where it is working. LED display and backlit (LCD) display:


The RECmaxCVM kit ensures circuit breaker and earth leakage protection with automatic reclosing by default after a differential relay, overload or short-circuit trip. It also measures the electrical parameters of the circuit it protects. It is a very suitable solution for infrastructures located in areas that make it difficult to control and monitor. It can be installed in the electric panels of:


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