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CVM-A Series

Power analyzer for panel with power quality measurement parameters


Cod: CVM-A


CVM-A1500 is a panel mounted power quality analyzer with EMS (Energy Management Software) integrated. Its internal Web Server (html5) allows any user to have full installation control by using any web browser.

Designed to be installed in the most relevant or critical part of electric installations since it registers and monitors a wide range of variables (almost one year of data with RMS, maximum and minimum values). The device also registers power quality events such as swells, dips, interruptions (every half cycle) and transients (according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A). Any event will be immediately captured with the voltage and current waveform.

This model adds the measurement of power quality variables (defined in the standard EN 50160) such as flicker, unbalance (Kd) and asymmetry (Ka) coefficients or voltage and current harmonics decomposition up to 63th. In addition it is possible to monitor in real time the instantaneous waveforms of voltage and current through its oscilloscope function.

As an added value, CVM-A1500 displays the number of events and transients on each affected phase with the level reached, duration and its associated waveform. In addition, those events are directly displayed in CBEMA, ITIC y SEMI-F47 graphs.

The smart design of the CVM-A1500 allows users to customize their own screens in order to access to the information faster and easy. Remark that the device allows the connection though PowerStudio software to save and store, in a redundant way, all the information in a server or PC avoiding memory limits.

  • Dimensions:144 x 144 mm
  • Energy Management Software (EMS) included with historical data register
  • Register of power quality events, waveforms and instantaneous parameters.
  • Expandable up to 3 modules (inputs/outputs and communications)
  • VGA color display with high definition
  • IP 65 with airtight seal
  • 5 voltage channels + 4 ITF current channels
  • Active energy class 0,2S (IEC 62053-22)
  • Universal switching power supply AC/DC or DC
  • Ethernet communications (Web Server) + RS-485 (ModBus RTU or BACnet protocol)
  • 5 user customizable screens
  • 3 tariffs (selectable by digital input or by communications)
  • Cost calculation(any currency) and emissions of kgCO2
  • 2 relay outputs for alarms + 2 transistor outputs for alarms or pulses + 2 digital inputs to select tariff, to control logical states or pulse centralizer from any external meter.







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