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CDB (consult availability)

Earth leakage verification unit and loop resistance meter


Cod: M80450.


  • Designed to take readings in single or three-phase installations
  • Measurement of amperage with voltages per phase of 190 to 260 V
  • Inspection of all sorts of residual current devices
  • Powered with batteries or accumulators
  • Measurement of the voltage between the phase and earth UL-PE
  • Measurement of the voltage between the phase and neutral UL-N
  • Measurement of the voltage between the neutral and earth terminal UN-PE
  • Measurement of frequency
  • Measurement of the protection loop impedance RS
  • Measurement of the protection loop impedance RS, with no disconnection of the RCD
  • Measurement of the trigger time tA of the RCD with earth leakage intensity I_N, 5x I_N and pulsed current
  • Checking the RCD with gradual incremental voltage, measurement of the operating intensity of the RCD I_ and measurement of the contact voltage UI_ when the RCD is disconnected
  • Measurement of the contact voltage UI_N when passing the nominal operation intensity 0.45x I_N through earth with no synchronisation of the RCD, checking that the RCD is not disconnected
  • Cabling inspection (results are displayed in the form of symbols)
  • Optional backlit LCD display
  • The values read are automatically stored and then displayed on the display

Basic operating instructions

  • The instrument can be used at a room temperature of - 5° C to 40° C. Instruments stored during a long period of time at temperatures under 0ºC must be acclimatized during 2 hours prior to storage
  • The maximum relative humidity in air allowed is 80 % at 23° C
  • The instrument must not be exposed to aggressive gases and vapours that could cause oxidation, liquids and dust
  • The instrument can only take readings under reference conditions with no additional errors
  • The maximum resistance of the housing to heat is a maximum of 80º C
  • The instrument can not take readings when the ºC overheating symbol is displayed
  • The instrument can also be connected between phases during a maximum interval of 5 minutes
  • All units under the RCD (Capacitors, rotating machines, etc.) as well as the residual currents of circuits can have an impact on the readings
  • The voltage drops in batteries under the limits allowed is shown by the symbol that appears on the lower left corner of the screen
  • The correct battery polarity must be maintained when changing batteries (in accordance with the battery clamp symbols). Used batteries will reduce the clarity of the display, even though this does not have an impact on the operation of the instrument.
  • Batteries can not be changed when the instrument is connected to the mains. The instrument must not be connected to the mains when the battery lid is damaged. The lid must be changed immediately
  • The two-wire adaptor can only be connected to the CDB instrument for measuring purposes, i.e., it can not be connected to the power supply
  • The CDB plug must be connected to the adaptor's output (when a two-wire adaptor is used) before it is connected to the mains or to the load being measured



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