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Dynamic power controller with dual configuration


Cod: E51002.


CDP-DUO is the evolution of dynamic power controllers designed to control hybrid installations (powered by two alternative sources of energy). The unit measures the consumption of the user at all times, thanks to its dual configuration, regulating the inverters to adapt the solar energy generation to the type of network and/or generator installed.

The main advantage of CDP-DUO is that it can automatically switch the network configuration, according to the type of network. If it is combined with FRONIUS inverters, the user can also perform power factor correction tasks, thanks to its new built-in driver.

  • Some of the main features of CDP-DUO:
  • Identification of the type of network and adaptation of the regulation, according to the type of network.
  • Power factor correction of the installation*
  • Monitoring via web (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Datalogger and downloading of a .csv file with historical consumption data via web
  • Many different regulation options via web
  • Screen with consumption, PV production and network/group consumption information
  • Optional use of power analyzers to increase the amount of information provided
  • Modbus/TCP communications for integration in SCADA

* Only with Fronius inverters

CDP is able to manage the next solar inverters:

  • FRONIUS: types Galvo, Symo, IG Plus (also Galvo and Symo with Datamanager 2.0)
  • DELTA: types SOLIVIA and RPI
  • KOSTAL: types PIKO
  • GROWATT: types GROWATT 1500
  • KACO NEW ENERGY: POWADOR 1501, 5001xi, 2500xi, 5000xi, 6400xi, 8000xi, 25.000xi, 33.000xi, 2002, 6002, TL3, TR3, all XP series and Blueplanet
  • HUAWEI: SUN2000-8KTL, SUN2000-12KTL, SUN2000-17KTL, SUN2000-20KTL, SUN2000-23KTL, SUN2000-28KTL, SUN2000-33KTL-A, SUN2000-36KTL, SUN2000-42KTL




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