CIRWATT-B100 Series

Liczniki energii Jednofazowe




CIRWATT B 100 is a digital single phase meter class B (Class 1) in active energy, in compliance with European Directive MID and IEC standards.

The meter CIRWATT B 100 meets existing regulations applicable to electronic meters and it has an autonomous system of data retention that prevents against loss of ingormation. It also allows reading through the optical port protocol (IEC-62056-21).

CIRWATT B 100 is specially designed to be installed where the electromechanical meters do not satisfy with the current needs, particularly in those places where a single phase meter with one tariff is required. CIRWATT B 100 has a small size that allows an easy installation, possibility of reverse energy storage and easy reading system through the display and optical port.


CIRWATT B100 measures active energy with accuracy class 1 (according standard IEC-62053-21) or class B (according european directive MID-EN50470). This meter is certified according international standards, so it can be used to bill customers energy consumption. Moreover, its reduced dimensions and its accuracy are very suitable to measure small loads or machines (i.e. fridges, ovens or air conditionings). CIRWATT B registers energy in both directions, so it doesn’t matter if the meter has been installed wrongly (generatation instead of consumtion) because the meter will register energy correctly


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