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CirCAMP Series

Multi-function multiple meter with PLC communications


Cod: CirCAMP


CirCAMP-4DP is a compact meter with PLC communications that can be configured to read and manage up to 4 single-phase supplies independently, or one direct three-phase supply. Likewise, CirCAMP-2IP can be configured to manage up to 2 indirect three-phase supplies (…/5A), all in a single enclosure.

CirCAMP meters can work in Pre-payment or Post-payment mode, adapting to each type of use. Having cut-off systems for each channel enables the units to disconnect the supply each time the user consumes all the credits they had previously programmed, or manually disconnect when the user leaves the facility.

CirCAMP meters have 4 (4DP) or 2 (2IP) impulse-metering inputs for measuring water or other supplies and 4 relay outputs to operate electrovalves (and other control elements) and to cut off the supply independently. All models have PLC communications for readouts and management, enabling a simple installation that does not require communication wiring and that adapts completely to the existing installation.




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