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Power Factor regulators. Regulation, measurement and protection all in one




Computer Smart is a leading edge power factor regulator, providing in a single device the functions of power factor correction, power analyzer and leakage current protection. The regulator is equipped with the latest world technology, which allows CIRCUTOR offering to the market a simple regulator, but capable of performing many advanced functions as: Capacitors status monitoring, earth leakage current monitoring, capacitors failure prevention, overheating detection, etc.. All these functions contribute to a longer life and a better power quality, and avoid intempestive supply interruptions. Because all the above features, the Smart becomes one of the PF regulators with the best performance, while still offering users an easy use and intuitive programming.


Computer Smart offers a complete system for facilities that requires PF correction, security, measure, communications and monitoring. Its simple and intuitive programming system enable de user the installation and maintenance.


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