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Ethernet communication module


Cod: Q23400.


CEM-M are interchangeable communication modules for the CEM-C energy meters assembled on DIN rails. These modules can increase the performance of the energy meters, so that any meter can be adapted to the communication systems in place in the installation. 

Energy management systems require the use of meters that comply with international measurement regulations, but which can also be integrated with the standard communication protocols used in buildings. The CEM-M range allows the user to install the CEM-C meter that is best suited to the installation (single-phase, direct three-phase or indirect three-phase), subsequently adding the most adequate CEM-M module, in accordance with the communications protocol.

The following can be performed with the modular system, among other actions:

  • Selecting the energy meter and subsequently adding the communication systems required by the BMS.
  • Reducing the stock of references, since the meter should not be replaced, regardless of whether the client chooses to read the meter remotely or not and to do so with a specific protocol.



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