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CIRCUTOR at InterSolar Europe 2021

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CIRCUTOR will join InterSolar, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, from October 6th to 8th, in Munich (Germany).

CIRCUTOR has developed over the last few years innovative solutions in the market, both for photovoltaic self-consumption and solar farms. Some of these solutions have been embraced by the market, such as devices that prevent the injection of surpluses into the grid in self-consumption installations or the smart supervision of photovoltaic plants based on the measurement of string currents.


The following products and solutions will be presented at InterSolar exhibition

  • Combiner Box with smart measurement of string currents
  • Wireless communication system for data collected on photovoltaic farms through LoRa protocol
  • Remonitoring of photovoltaic plants by introducing the smart measurement of string currents in revamping projects


We look forward to meeting you personally at our stand No. A5.575 in Hall A5, to show you CIRCUTOR’s brand new products.


More information about the exhibition: InterSolar Europe.


Solutions for Protection and Monitoring of photovoltaic plants

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Photovoltaic generation

Climate change and global warming are already a reality, and the only option we have to change this situation is the use of efficient and sustainable energies that assure us that our planet will be a habitable place for future generations.

The aim is not only to promote renewable energy but also to seek maximum efficiency for this type of installation. Therefore, we need systems capable of permanently monitoring, supervising and managing the facilities and interacting with all their elements, ensuring their optimum performance.

CIRCUTOR Combiner Box

The CIRCUTOR proposal consists of a solution based on the Combiner Box and the STM system.Monitoring must not only consist of the measurement of the parameters of a PV installation and its massive sending to the control centre.Therefore, currently the STM systems, which are integrated into the Combiner Box, incorporate a powerful analysis and management capacity that guarantees, at all times, the maximum performance of the photovoltaic plant.

If we add to this management capacity the integration of wireless communications based on LoRa technology, a reduction in the cost of mounting the communications network can be achieved while maintaining the necessary performance for the optimal management of both electrical variables and alarms.

The complete solution involves the integration of STM systems in the Combiner Box, including all the elements associated with the protection of the strings, the fuses, the output disconnecting switch of the Combiner Box and the necessary protections in case of overvoltage.

Solutions for the protection and monitoring of PV plants


Circutor boasts different types of Combine Box models according to the needs of each facility to be installed at level 1 and level 2.

The design of these equipment can be configured according to prescription, so our design team can offer a “tailormade” solution to meet the needs of any project for the management of power generation in photovoltaic plants.

Level 1 Combiner Box monitored with Shunt

Level 1 Combiner Box monitored with Shunt
This Combiner Box has a series of inputs, which support groups of single or double strings, protecting each of the inputs from overcurrents.

Level 1 Combiner Box monitored with Hall effect transformer

Level 1 Combiner Box monitored with Hall effect transformer
This Combiner Box has a series of inputs, which support groups of single or dual strings, protecting each of the inputs from overcurrents.

Level 2 Combiner Box monitored with Hall transformer

Level 2 Combiner Box monitored with Hall transformer
This Combiner Box groups the currents that come from the Level I Combiner Box, protecting each of the overcurrent inputs with a high-ampere type NH1 fuse.

Circutor added value services

Analysis of the coverage of wireless communications (Ground Mapping)

To determine the number of Gateways needed to cover all Combiner Box, first a ground mapping or theoretical analysis of the terrain is done by means of computer tools for simulating the propagation of the LoRa signal.In the following image the image of the terrain orography can be seen and with red dots the location of the Combiner Box is indicated and in the graph of the upper part the terrain relief is viewed and with a straight displaying the obstacles that exist to communicate in a straight line.


LoRa coverage simulation

By studying Circutor's specialists, a map of the terrain is generated where the exact position of the situation of each Combiner Box is marked in red, seeing the level of LoRa signal coverage.

LoRa coverage simulation

Once the installation points of each Combiner Box have been defined, vision graphs are made between them and the inverters to verify the coverage points of the LoRa signal, determining if the communication between them will be correct or there will be a coverage issue.The results of this analysis will depend largely on the orography of the terrain and, to a lesser extent, on the distances.

If the theoretical result is not entirely satisfactory, usually in plants with a very complex orography, Circutor offers a commissioning service, where specialist technicians travel to the installation to perform radio-frequency tests and measurements, determining exactly where to install the different LoRa Gateways, ensuring the correct communication of the monitoring system with the management centre.

Circutor added value services

Download the catalogue:
Solutions for Protection and Monitoring of photovoltaic plants
Solutions for Protection and Monitoring of photovoltaic plants
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CIRCUTOR will be participating at the Middle East Electricity 2020 exhibition, from March 3rd - 5th in Dubai (UAE)

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Middle East Electricity is the largest exhibition worldwide for the energy industry, covering electrical generation, transmission and distribution, including sectors of renewable energies and lighting industry.

Middle East Electricity receives visitors from all the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world, and presents itself as the main meeting point of professionals of the energy industry in the region. During this edition, CIRCUTOR, with over 45 years in the energy efficiency sector, will participate to show new solutions for improving electrical energy efficiency.


  • Energy management solutions (EMS)
    • New Line-System: Modular devices to create the most efficient Energy Management System (EMS) for monitoring and controlling on real time any installations. This system allows plugging as many modules as needed in order to control any variable via Modbus protocol, create scada screens, bill simulation reports or control external systems (lighting, HVAC, temperatures,…) directly through its built-in EMS via Ethernet, without the need to install a PC.
    • New CVM-E3-MINI- WiEth: New DIN rail analyzer with Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications in order to avoid any type of cabling. This model also uses Bluetooth communications to easily program the communication settings using a free APP. 
    • FLEX analyzers: New power analyzers in order to be connected in networks where there is no possibility to do power outage for its installation (Heavy industry, transformer stations,…). All the models uses flexible clamps to read and register the current allowing its installation anytime.
  • Power quality
    • CVM-A1500A: Power quality analyzer certified with IEC 61000-4-30 for events (Swells, sags and interruptions) and transients recording with built-in Web Server. 
    • MYeBOX-A: Portable power quality analyzer with free APP and cloud server certified in Class A according to IEC 61000-4-30 with events (Swells, sags and interruptions) and transients recording. 
    • AFQm Active filters: Wall mounted models for 30A, 60A or 100A and new cabinet models for 100A, 200A, 300A or 400A with multilevel technology and built-in web server. 
  • BMS devices 
    • New CEM-C meters: New three phase meters, direct and indirect connection with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications both with IEC and MID certification. Those meters are prepared for the new climate challenge displaying the CO2 emissions, cost of energy and working time for maintenance purposes. 
  • Energy savings 
    • Static Var Generator-SVG: Solution for inductive and capacitive active compensation. 
    • Capacitor Banks and components (Low and Medium Voltage): Static capacitor banks with rejection filters, large range of Heavy Duty capacitors and reactors and Power Factor Relays (regulators). 
  • Service continuity 
    • New RGU-100B: New residual current device to ensure the supply continuity in networks with AC+DC residual currents with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications. 
    • New CBS-400B: New residual current device for 4 individual lines to ensure the supply continuity in networks with AC+DC residual currents with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications. 
    • New REC4: Residual current relay with self-reclosing system with the most compact enclose to reconnect the installation in case of tripping. 
    • New RECB: Residual current relay with self-reclosing system for networks or devices with AC+DC currents that reconnects the installation in case of tripping. 
    • RECmaxCVM: RCCB with self-reclosing system to reconnect the installations in case of overcurrent, short-circuit or residual current fault. With the easiest installation and power analyzer built-in with more than 250 variables and RS-485 Modbus RTU communications. 
  • String monitoring system 
    • New string monitoring system STM: New analyzer to record information from solar panels with DC to be installed inside the string boxes. The system is modular and expandable with RS-485 (Modbus RTU) communications or wireless with LoRa system. 

We look forward to receiving you in our stand to show you all our new products in Hall 2, stand E18.

ENERGYEAR ITALIA 2021. The future of the Italian renewable market up for debate

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CIRCUTOR takes part in ENERGYEAR ITALIA 2021, an event that will take place on 15 and 16 September in Milan (Italy).

Renewable energies are in the spotlight in the Italian energy market in order to achieve the decarbonisation objectives set by the government agenda.

Energyear Italia 2021 will allow us to discuss the current situation in the Italian energy market and the challenges we must overcome in order to achieve the targets set.

Attendance at the event will be both in person and virtual, and will allow participants to get the latest news, trends, forecasts and lessons from market leaders and regulatory bodies.



CIRCUTOR will participate in the following discussions at the event:


The O&M challenge to keep plants profitable (15 September from 12:00 to 12:45)
Featuring Karmelo López de Arbina (Director of Growth and Development - Circutor)

Optimising the design of photovoltaic plants to operate profitably in Italy (15 September from 15:30 to 16:15)
Featuring Pere Soria (Business Development - Circutor)



More information at: Energyear Italia 2021

Structures and support profiles for photovoltaic modules

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Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the most economical and consolidated renewable sources in the market today.The constant rise in the price of electric energy together with the decrease in the prices of the elements that comprise a photovoltaic installation is generating a direct increase in the implementation of these systems. Future perspectives certify it as taking centre stage in order to accelerate the energy transition on a global scale.

On a small scale, it is self-consumption that is contributing to this energy revolution. To be able to generate electricity where it is needed, to be able to consume proximity KM0 energy that uses a local, renewable and free resource.

The support structures are the elements that allow the fixing of the modules on the roofs where the photovoltaic installation must be housed, constituting a main element of the solution. Circutor offers a complete range of configurable support structures for any type of installation and roof.


Download the catalogue:
Structures and support profiles for photovoltaic modules
Solución integral para supervisión de plantas fotovoltaicas
es en 

CIRCUTOR participates in Genera 2020, International Energy and Environment exhibition

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Genera is an international reference exhibition in the field of Energy and Environment, organized by IFEMA, to be held in Madrid from 05 to 07 February.

CIRCUTOR is participating in the event, showing our newest products in photovoltaic energy generation canopies with recharging station for electric vehicles already incorporated into its own structure; new solutions for the protection and monitoring of the strings of a photovoltaic park, through the installation of Combiner boxes with the new STM system for the measurement and control of energy generation, as well as a wide range of structures for the installation of photovoltaic panels on different types of surfaces.




Photovoltaic solar canopy that integrates in its own structure a recharging system for electric vehicles. This recharging box and its associated electrical protections are specifically designed to be integrated in the foot of the canopy itself, ensuring the easy assembly and operation of the system.

This solution allows producing energy within solar hours to cover part of the electricity consumption of an installation as well as the recharge of the electric vehicles themselves. These canopies have a modular system, being able to adapt the parking spaces to cover the needs of any type of installation regardless of the maximum number of places. The power of the recharging system allows the generation of an average of 70km/day for each electric vehicle connected.



CIRCUTOR participates in Genera 2020, International Energy and Environment exhibition



Combiner Box

New cabinets that integrate all the elements associated with the protection of the strings (fuses), in addition to the disconnecting load breaker and the overvoltage protections necessary to protect the installation. The different models incorporate the intelligent monitoring and control system STM, highlighting the model with wireless communications with LoRa protocol, allowing to optimize the costs of your installation.


CIRCUTOR participates in Genera 2020, International Energy and Environment exhibition



STM system

Solution specifically designed for the permanent monitoring of photovoltaic strings, controlling the performance of the installation as well as informing the manager of any alarm that may influence the correct functioning of each string line either through RS-485 communications or wireless with Lora technology.

Its modularity in the installation allows an economic saving in the design of string boxes, being able to connect the STM-S measurement modules in any part of the panel, saving in space and cost.



CIRCUTOR participates in Genera 2020, International Energy and Environment exhibition



We look forward to presenting all our new products at GENERA 2020 (Hall 10, Stand 10C20).



New penalties for capacitive reactive energy in Spain

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CIRCUTOR reports on the recent approval of Circular 3/2020 of Spain's National Commission on Markets, the provisions of which will go into effect on 1 April 2021. Its implementation creates a new scenario in the area of power factor correction.

It establishes a penalty for injecting excess capacitive energy into the grid, commonly known as overcompensation, especially in tariff period 6 and for all consumers connected at a voltage in excess of 1 kV, meaning those who have their own power transformer.

The penalty will be applied on an hourly basis to all excess capacitive energy that exceeds a power factor of 0.98 capacitive. Expressed as a percentage, it means that on an hourly basis, the kvarC.h consumed must be less than 20% of the Kw.h. consumed. A charge of €0.05/kvarC.h is applied to excess reactive energy, similar to that currently charged for excess inductive reactive energy.

Period 6 always corresponds to: the 00:00 to 08:00 slot from Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. Note that this means around 51% of the total hours in a year.

During this period, less active energy will usually be consumed than in any other period, and therefore the chances of exceeding the consumption of the allowed kvarC.h are considerable. Consequently, there will be an even greater need for more efficient and accurate power factor correction, making it 100% necessary to measure the current in the 3 phases of the installation.

For example, to quantify the impact that this penalty could have, consider that in an installation with a 630 kVA transformer, an average excess of just 30 kvarC.h would mean a penalty of €552 over the total of the approximately 368 h a month contained in period 6, and therefore around €6600 a year (only in Spain).

TRANSFORMER kvarC.h exceeded Hours in P6 Current
(Spain only)
250 kVA 20 kvar 368 h 0 €/ 0 € 368 € / 4416 €
400 kVA 25 kvar 368 h 0 €/ 0 € 460 € / 5520 €
1000 kVA 50 kvar 368 h 0 €/ 0 € 920 € / 11040 €

CIRCUTOR, a pioneering company and undisputed leader in power factor correction solutions, has designed a new capacitor bank that, by measuring all 3 phases, just like the utility meter, is able to adapt to the different target power factors required in each tariff period, thus guaranteeing not to incur penalties, while maintaining the electrical system at peak efficiency. This solution is intended both for new power factor correction devices and for inclusion in capacitor banks already in operation in electrical installations.

For more information, you can contact CIRCUTOR via the usual channels, or at the following email address: reactiva@circutor.com

Photovoltaic solar canopies

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PVing Parks. Harness energy and take advantage of it where this was not previously possible.

The decrease in the cost of solar photovoltaic installations, coupled with the increase in the price of electric energy, has hastened the arrival of numerous types of innovative proposals in energy generation systems. Circutor, after years of dedication and endeavours in improving electrical efficiency, has designed a wholescale solution that integrates instant self-consumption with recharging for electric vehicles.

In addition to the generation of photovoltaic energy, the canopies are complemented with an advanced recharging system for electric vehicles, thus adding more features to the structure. Two types of systems are available for charging electric vehicles associated with solar photovoltaic canopies. On the one hand, the WallBox or charging points, that are integrated directly into the foot of the canopy; alternatively, the option with Urban r posts may be chosen, thus offering a dual socket, in addition to built-in communications, giving freedom to the user to decide the place of the installation, not being integrated into the canopy's primary structure.


Download the catalogue:
Photovoltaic solar canopies
es en 

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