PVingPARKS PVS2-R canopieskits FV

PVingPARKS PVS2 / PVS4 canopies

Solar canopy for instant self-consumption with charging for electric vehicles

Cod: PVS2-PVS4


PVingPARK is a solar photovoltaic canopy that allows combining and integrating EV charging systems. This solution allows electricity to be produced when the sun is out, thus covering part of the installation's electricity needs, as well as providing part of the additional power needed to charge the electric vehicles as well. It is a completely modular solution that can be adapted to the number of sockets, length or power in kWp required for each project.

PVingPARK canopies are made the following materials:

Additionally, the solution can be supplemented with DPC electric protection and control panels for processing without excess as per RD 244/2019. These panels include safeguards for both the DC part (StringBox) and the AC safeguards (CombinerBox), as well as the control equipment (DPC / CVM-MINI).

This system offers the following advantages:

Additionally, CIRCUTOR can develop larger, tailor-made solutions.



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