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CirBEON. Optimal solution for domestic charging of electric vehicles

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When you are charging an electric vehicle your domestic electrical installation will consume more energy and, sometimes, this may cause supply interruptions and force you to upgrade your electrical installation to avoid exceeding the contracted power.

The new eHome CirBEON intelligent system is the latest advance in electric vehicle charging, allowing you to leave your vehicle charging and carry on using electrical appliances and other loads as normal, without having to worry about a thing.

eHome CirBEON dynamically adjusts the electric vehicle's consumption, according to the installation's maximum total consumption and allocates the power available at each moment to the electric vehicle, taking advantage of periods of low consumption by allocating more power to charge the electric vehicle. This avoids any interruptions to the electrical supply and there is no need to increase the contracted power of your home.

  CirBEON. Solución para la recarga de vehículos eléctricos


eHome CirBEON

Optimal solution for domestic charging.
Dynamic power adjustment
The vehicle’s battery is always full
eHome CirBEON
Intelligent sensor for controlling the vehicle’s charging power. Installed in the main circuit breaker, it detects the power consumed and acts on eHome Wallbox to not exceed the maximum contracted power.
eHome WallBox
Vehicle charging station. It reduces or increases the power consumed in the charging of the electric vehicle, depending on the instructions of the eHome CirBEON sensor, thus preventing outages due to power excess.



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