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The CDP Dynamic Power Controller, now compatible with HUAWEI inverters

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The CDP dynamic power controllers for CIRCUTOR photovoltaic inverters (CDP-0, CDP-G and CDP-DUO) are now compatible with the SUN2000 range of inverters made by HUAWEI, a leading global company in the research and development of electronic and communications equipment.

The SUN2000 KTL range by HUAWEI consists of grid-connected inverters with a built-in controller to improve the efficiency and performance of the inverter. The SUN2000 KTL product range has power ranging from 8 kW to 42 kW. These inverters do not require transformers (TL) and they also have a built-in DC disconnect system for safe and simple maintenance.

The HUAWEI inverter models compatible with CDP controllers are as follows:


  • HUAWEI SUN2000-12KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-17KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-20KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-23KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-28KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-33KTL-A
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-36KTL
  • HUAWEI SUN2000-42KTL
Obtain legal authorisation for your photovoltaic energy system

CDP devices allow you to control the power generated by photovoltaic inverters according to the installation's consumption value (or another selectable value) to prevent surplus power from being injected into the grid or into generator sets. This allows you to obtain legal authorisation for self-consumption installations in places where it is necessary to ensure 0 injection into the grid.

The aim of the CDP range is to reduce the energy obtained from the grid, always prioritising the clean energy generated by photovoltaic panels.

The communication between the CDP and the inverter is via RS-485 bus, which allows up to 100 inverters to be connected, although in the vast majority of domestic installations, the number of inverters ranges from 1 to 3.

With this new integration, the CDP devices have improved compatibility by adding one of the most popular brands on the market to its system, thus ensuring the accurate and simple management of photovoltaic production control.

So CIRCUTOR is offering the market a fully autonomous system that enables the smart management of energy in the installation.



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