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RVE-CB Series (consult availability)

Slow charging stations, special for 2-wheeled vehicles - mode 1




The 2 wheel vehicle charging solution of the RVE family has been designed to cover up the needs of 2 wheel electrical vehicles like motorcycles or electrical bikes, compliant with all electrical security regulations as well as access security and metering and consumption management. This solution consists of a controller that manages prepayment through RFID proximity cards and allows the outlet selection and manages the consumption en each outlet. Furthermore this solution integrates security systems to fit users and electrical vehicles. Joint to the controller there is a bracket with all electricity outlets for different kinds of 2 wheel vehicles, each outlet is separate from the others in a specific distance that allows parking the vehicle for recharging purposes in a comfortable way. The robustness for its use and against vandalism as well as installation and use facilities is one of the aspects taken in account when designing and developing this equipment. Furthermore this equipment emphasizes for its compact design with high technological level integrated. All family RVE range of products has been thought to give the electrical vehicle user, a simple method for recharge his vehicle everywhere he parks it, that way, the recharging boxes has been equipped with a simple access system and energy payment through contactless cards, that way all the recharge process could be fulfilled with only a few steps by any user without technical knowledge needs.




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