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SVGm series

Static Var Generator with multilevel technology


Cod: SVGm



SVGm 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 kvar

SVGm Static Var Generator cabinet type are the most accurate reactive power compensation solution, for both unbalanced three-phase systems and facilities with inductive and capacitive reactive power. It can be used in three-phase industrial, commercial or service installations and is not affected by the harmonics of the installation. A system with greater safety and very little maintenance. In this series, the racks are mounted in the standard cabinets available on the market and are designed for ease of installation.

The following features and functions are implemented:

  • Reactive power compensation (inductive/capacitive) of 100 to 400 kvar per cabinet
  • Compact rack-type module of 100 kvar for ease of installation in standard cabinets.
  • Voltage and frequency multi-range (50/60 Hz)
  • Immunity to harmonic currents.
  • Cos φ range of 0.7 inductive ... 1 ... 0.7 capacitive.
  • Online operation monitoring
  • Short circuit protection in the power module

If higher power factor correction capacities are required, up to 100 units can be connected in parallel.





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