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Symulator zwarcia doziemnego




The MPC-5/50 GETEST unit can be used to measure the voltages between ground points (forward voltage) or earth and conductive parts (contact voltage) when there are leakage currents through earth. In Spain, these measurements are compulsory in substations and distribution centres, in compliance with MIE-RAT-13, BOE 183 of 01/08/94.
The tests are carried out by connecting the current generation system between different points that are far from an earth line, measuring the voltage between the two weights that are a metre apart (forward voltage) or between earth and accessible conductive parts. The current source is adjusted to the desired value with a PDA, displaying and storing the data measured.

  • Forward and contact voltage measuring, based on current injection during a grid cycle (20 ms) (maximum usage safety).
  • Earth resistance measurement.
  • Provides up to 50 A with a 12 ohm load. Maximum output voltage of 600 V ac
  • Maximum power equivalent to 30 kV·A, with a weight of only 45 kg.
  • Remote control and display of the data measured with a PDA, with wireless connection to the equipment.
  • Storage of data in the PDA, so it can be easily transferred to the PC.
  • Voltage measurement with a resolution of 10 mV. Self-scale, up to 700 A ac
  • Current measurement with a resolution of 10 mV. Self-scale up to 700 A ac



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