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MCB Series

Wyzwalacze z napędem silnikowym


Cod: MCB


MCB-P or MCB-T are circuit-breakers that combine the functions of a circuit breaker (overload and short-circuit protection) and those of a contactor on the same element. There are two options with MCB:

  • Closed circuit-breaker: Allows remote control functions (contactor function). It can be disconnected and reconnected electrically with the adequate signal.
  • Circuit-breaker opened by an overload or short-circuit trip or by manual disconnection: remote control reset is not allowed, only manually.

The remote control function works on the same contacts as those of the circuit breaker, guaranteeing the disconnection in each case. The MCB-T type includes a remote control module with two auxiliary, potential free (three-wire) contacts that indicate the status of the MCB at the input of the remote control (contactor function) and/or the circuit breaker.




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