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Many consumers of electrical energy currently have a need for special tools to help them control and make decisions about energy improvement. To achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to know when and how energy is used.

Anything that is not measured cannot be improved, which is why installing consumption control units allows users to make good decisions about reducing their electricity consumption and implement improvements and achieve savings in their facilities.

CIRCUTOR provides its customers with innovative tools for managing their consumption. Thanks to its communications systems, users can find out the real consumption of their installation through a mobile or PC application, and can understand exactly how and where energy is consumed so that they can take cost-saving actions as soon as possible.

Users can now get information about their consumption right from the display of their smartphone or tablet. This allows them to, for instance, check if their contracted power with the utility company is correct, or if they need to change their consumption habits.

In the industrial environment, users can obtain data by installing energy management software, gaining the ability to control internal consumption and anticipate the information on electricity bills before they arrive. See the following links to learn about how to use a consumption data acquisition system.

WiBeee: Your consumptions in the palm of your hand

Pablo de Olavide University


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